Congratulations, you're one of the few lucky ones to win a BIG coin drop!
Here is 5 income options for the BIG COIN
And you most likely have a logical question: what to do with them and how to make the most money on BIG coin?

This is our coin, so we can pump it as much as we like. So we can earn from 100% per week. Pumps will start after listing on Hot Bit. We will definitely inform you in this channel
Staking, or Invest box

Each of coin holders receive 1.1% of the deposit amount every day. What means, if you invest $1 000 first day you receive $11. Second day, you will receive 1.1% of $1 011. In 30 days + $388
Referral system

As usual: you bring friends to the project - you get coins. The terms of the referral program will be written in the bot
Natural growth

Our marketing team is dedicated to promoting the coin. This is the reason why new investors join us and the fund of the coin rise up

1% of the transaction will be burned every time someone buys / sells the coin. It will increase the coin price
To sum up everything, you can earn
You may think that these are exorbitant percentages. But everything is real due to our pump skills

P.S this is not a guaranteed coin growth. These are assumptions based on our research
up to
Guaranteed income peer year + compound interest
What can you do right now?
Join to our channel and wait for info

Here will be all the news when and what you need to do with the coin in order to earn a lot XXXXX

You can sell coins at any time at the price that suits you, on those exchanges where the coin was listed

– On the Betconix exchange
– On the Binance Dex exchange
– On the Hot Bit exchange after listing on June 2022
Send for staking

In personal account, you can send your BIG coins for staking by choosing a tariff plan and receive + 33% of the amount of your deposit per month
Good luck and BIG earnings in the crypto world!
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