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Hello! A team of Wall Street Crypto professionals is in touch. Since 2014, we have been working in the cryptocurrency market, and the profit speaks about our results better than we - stable from 150% per month
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With many advantages, opportunities for earning, self-development and realization all the potential of blockchain world
We created a token
To the Moon
Why will the Big coin token go to the Moon?
Income peer year + compound interest
BIG coin is a deflationary token

In total, 21 million BIG coin tokens will be issued and 1% of the tokens will be burned from each transaction. This means that there will be less and less of them over time, which means that the tokens will rise in price. The token was created and audited on the BSC blockchain (BEP-20)
Staking, or Invest box

Each of coin holders receive 1.1% of the deposit amount every day. What means, if you invest 1 000 BIG first day you receive 11 BIG. Second day, you will receive 1.1% of 1 011 BIG. In 30 days + 388 BIG
Referral system

We appreciate that community attracting friends and give to all our people money for that. Thus, today there are already more than 704 holders of BIG coin
Strong marketing

Our team actively makes an influencer marketing in social networks, uses the media and other types of advertising, which constantly makes projects grow
Strong side projects

There are 4 powerful projects in our Road Map that will ensure the constant growth of the Big coin token and the organic increase of its holders.
3 NFT collection BIG Monkeys NFT

1 supply 888 NFT - June 30, 2022
2 supply 2222 NFT - autumn 2022
3 supply 5555 NFT - spring 2023
NFT holders will receive monthly passive income in BIG coin tokens
Road map

– Summer 2022
Listing of the BIG coin token on the Hotbit exchange
And this is not the whole our plan, more - soon!
Land of BIG Opportunities

– Spring 2023
With the release of NFT Collection 3, we are moving into 3D space on our own land in the Somnium metaverse. It will be a business platform to find the best team and create your own blockchain projects with our financial, media and other support. For communication in it, all members of the community will receive 3D avatars from us. And all payments will be made in BIG coin tokens.
Lern-to-earn crypto education BIG University

– Autumn 2022
Already in the summer of 2022, our community will see the first educational course at BIG University in the specialty "NFT investor". In the autumn of 2022, our crypto university will be completely based on the Lern-to-earn platform, where people can learn blockchain-related professions and earn money. All payments at the university will be made in BIG coin tokens.
Play-to-earn BIG Monkeys Game

– Autumn 2022
With the release of the second NFT collection, we are also launching our Big Monkeys Game, which will be the Play-to-earn game. All calculations in the game will take place in BIG coin tokens. And NFT Big Monkeys can be used as game avatars with different bonuses, depending on the rarity. Also in the game it will be possible to earn Big coins, receive new NFTs, win prizes in contests. Demo version of the game in 2D is already available in our Discord.
Where to buy a token?
– You can buy it directly from our developer for 1$/BIG
Before listing
(~until 10.11.2021)
– You can buy directly from our developer at the exchange price (without commissions)

– HotBit
Binance Dex
After listing
(~from 10.11.2021)
Click to buy on Pancake
– Pancake
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